Seal Ink Container

Ceramic seal ink containerStore your seal ink in a non-porous container. In Chinese these are called yinnihe 印泥盒. Porcelain is most commonly used in China though any glazed ceramic, glass, lacquer, or metal container can be used—anything that doesn’t absorb the oil from the ink and dry it out. The container’s lid doesn’t need to be airtight, but do keep the lid on when not in use so the ink won’t dry out.

Seal ink in padded box
Quality ink often comes in a container with a padded, decorative box and may include a seal paddle.
Seal ink container in metal with a decoration in cloisonne
Brass lined lidded containers, this one with a cloisonné lid, make good seal ink holders.
Wood seak ink container
A wooden box, although pretty, is not a good idea for holding seal ink as the wood will absorb the oil and dry out the ink. Only use this kind of container if it is well sealed.

Since good quality ink in a lidded container can last for many years, find a functional container you can enjoy.

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