Lu Kesi

I live in a small, but comfortable, cave on an island in the middle of the western ocean but keep a studio in Portland, Oregon (USA) which I visit frequently. I am Lu Kesi 魯可思 to the Chinese, to everyone else I'm Dan Lucas. I paint in Chinese style ink and color on paper, carve Chinese style chops (seals/stamps/印章), and practice Chinese calligraphy.

For more information about Chinese chops visit my companion site where you can find a glossary, bibliography, information about artists, and more.

What's New

  • I'll be one of a group of artists as the September featured exhibit at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Many of my paintings will be illustrations from the recently published book "The Beyond Within."
  • I recently completed several seal designs for the American hip hop group The Wu-tang Clan for use in their 36 Chambers clothing line
  • Added a few more works to Painting 2017