Chinese seal 050

Lanshan Meiling 蘭山美靈 with special meaning for the owner. Chinese language seal with four white characters, from top to bottom and right to left. Image is not to scale.

  • Inscription: 蘭山美靈
  • Pinyin: lan shan mei ling
  • Collection: Meiling Anderson
  • Material: Chinese stone
  • Size: 4 cm. H
  • Date: August 2008
  • Registry: cs050

The stone was supplied by the owner with the same inscription already carved into the surface. I was asked to sand it away and redo it. “Lan” is for Portland, where the owner lives; “shan” is because the owner likes mountains; “Meiling” is the owner’s first name. Since this is a round seal a jade bead was inserted into the top side to indicate orientation.