Sculpture By Lu Kesi

Here are a few miscellaneous sculptures by Lu Kesi. Most are miniatures, so these images are not to scale.

Seal and Base

I cut and shaped this chicken-blood stone, carved a seal on its face, and made the custom hardwood base from purpleheart. The stone sits down into the base.

Sculpture 023

Wooden Seal and Base

For a Chinese Christian friend I shaped this hardwood into a cross, cut a seal into the bottom seal face, and created a custom base from seal stone. The dark line at the bottom is felt, which was added to keep the stone from scratching the surface on which it rests.

Sculpture 020

Ivory Seal Pendant

This relief carving of Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy, was made as a pendant for a friend. It is carved from mammoth ivory and the finding on top is gold. The flattened bottom has been carved into a seal.

Sculpture 019

Miniature Head

Carved from a tagua nut.

Sculpture 018a

Buddha Head Seal

I carved this head of the Buddha out of alabaster. It is the knob for a seal on the bottom face that I created for a friend.

Sculpture 016

Black Walnut Skull

This oversize skull was carved from a block of black walnut that was given to me. You might be able to make out near the top a dark stripe with a light point at the top which is dark stained wood around an old-fashioned rectangular nail embedded deep in the wood. My carbide carving bit went through the iron as if it were butter. By traditional Chinese standards this morbid subject matter would be considered inauspicious.

Sculpture 015

Buddha With Custom Base

The Buddha figure is carved from fossil walrus ivory, the pink lotus from alabaster, and the base from hardwood.

Sculpture 014

Miniature Skull

Carved from a tagua nut. Another inauspicious sculpture, though common in Japan and an appropriate size for a Japanese netsuke.

Sculpture 013

Octopus With Pearl

Created on commission as a pendant in gold with a natural pearl.

Sculpture 012

Marble Head

Sculpture 011

Miniature Water Buffalo

Carved from Water Buffalo horn.

Sculpture 010

Miniature Swan

Carved from tagua nut and painted.

Sculpture 008

Miniature Hardwood Head

Sculpture 007

Hardwood Head

The top is hollowed out to make a sort of vessel.

Sculpture 006

Hardwood Head

Created as the top for a walking stick.

Sculpture 005

Wing Chun Sticking Hands

Carved from white pine on commission from a friend who practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Sculpture 004

Base for a Miniature Mountain

This miniature mountain range actually comes from a naturally weathered piece of fossil walrus ivory—the pointed tip of a tusk buried underground for a very long time. This is the unused scrap left over from a tusk used by a friend who makes jewelry from walrus ivory. I made a custom hardwood base for it.

Sculpture 003

Base for a Miniature Mountains

This is another piece of weathered walrus ivory. Apparently native Alaskans dig through their ancestors garbage heaps for old ivory tools and such which they then carve into art objects for sale, or sell the ivory to others. Fossil walrus ivory has unfortunately been caught up in the current trend to make all ivory illegal, no matter what its source.

Sculpture 002

Botryoidal Nephrite With Base

The top is a piece of natural botryoidal jade for which I carved a custom hardwood base.

Sculpture 001

Miniature Basswood Dwarf

Carved from basswood and then painted. For a friend who was fond of playing a video game in which a dwarf threw balls of fire at his opponents.