Deng Erya 鄧爾雅 (1884-1954)

Until we post more information about the Chinese seal artist Deng Erya, here are  examples of some of his seals.

  • Pinyin: Dèng Ěryă
  • Affiliation: Yishan School

Seals shown are not to scale.

DengErya2 DengErya1

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  1. Jordan Tang

    I am writing simply to try to connect with anyone who have an interest in Deng Er-ya’s work as seal artist or calligrapher. I am Deng’s youngest son (born 1948), now living in the U.S.A. for almost half a century. I have been working as a (western) composer and symphony conductor for many decades. Unfortunately I do not possess any of my father’s seal works, only a couple of calligraphy on fans that he did for my mother, and a rare water-color painting of his.
    Jordan Cho-Tung Tang

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