Xu Sangeng 徐三庚 (1826-1890)

The Chinese seal artist Xu Sangeng was born in Shangyu, Zhejiang province.

  • Pinyin: Xú Sāngēng
  • Wade-Giles: Hsu San-keng
  • Also known as: Jinglei; Mountain Man of Jinlei; “Taoist” Jinlei; Xiegu; Xingu; Xiuhai
  • Affiliation: Deng School

Seals shown are not to scale.

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  1. Greg C. Brown, M.S., ISA AM


    I have acquired a fairly large seal by Xu Sangang, and would like to know if you can direct me to how I can go about learning it’s original use/purpose and who/what department would have used it potentially. It seems to be a semi-common themed seal form the hand of Xu, as I have found it at least 3 times now, including the one I have. You happen to have the same seal depicted in the right hand side of the top row on your Xu bio page seen above. I have the translation, and know it relates to a tale from the Tang Dynasty about two generals and is essentially a motto to always see the big picture, but never forget to pay attention to the small details too.

    Thank you for any direction on this at all.

    Sincerely, Greg C. Brown.

  2. Greg C. Brown, M.S., ISA AM

    Can you please tell me about the top, right seal? I would like to know everything I can about it, and who it was made for and where and/or how it was used? Thank you.

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