My random notes on Chinese-style seal carving.

Talking Seals
China Academy of Art

Day 1: China

Seal School: Day 1 Tuesday 1 November 2011 China I woke up this morning on a Monday and now, as the sun is going down,

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Try Gouache

Try using some red and white paint—gouache works well for this as it dries quickly and is water soluble—to experiment with seal modifications.

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Seal ink on stone

Cleaning Your Seal

The traditional way to clean a seal is, after use, to simply stamp it over and over on to scrap paper until nothing more appears.

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Seal ink paddle

Seal Paddle

Good quality seal ink is often sold along with a small paddle called, in Chinese, yinzhu 印箸 or “seal chopsticks.”

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Shallow seal in containers

Flat Ink

There are several problems with the seal ink commonly sold in small flat tins or in small, shallow ceramic bowls.

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