Wang Shishen

Wang Shishen 汪士慎 (1686-1759 or 1762) was a painter, calligrapher, and seal carver active in the Yangzhou area during the early years of the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912). A native of Xiuning in Anhui province. His style name was ‘Jinren’ and his sobriquets were ‘Chaolin’ and ‘Xidong waishi.’ He was born poor, but later made a good living as a painter as one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou. Despite this he still tended to be poor, but relatively happy, and devoted to painting research. Wang would become noted as one of the greatest Chinese painters of plum blossoms. He was also talented in painting human figures, calligraphy, and seal cutting. [excerpted from Wikipedia]

Seal by Wang Shishen (1686-1762)A Qingtian stone seal by Wang Shishen with the side inscription “Thatched House of Seven Peaks,” his studio name. Illustrated on page 434 of Sun Weizu’s “The History and Art of Chinese Seals.”

A painting by Wang Shishen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.