Ba Weizu

Ba Weizu 巴慰祖 (1744-1793), was born in Xi county, Anhui province, China (though a native of Xixian). He came from a wealthy salt merchant family and was a civil service official. He loved playing chess and horse riding and was also good at poetry. He was also proficient at faking antiques. painted both landscape and flowers. In calligraphy, he loved the characters appearing on Chinese bells and vessels. In carving seals, he followed the styles of the Qin, Han, Sung, and Yuan Dynasties. In old age, he earned his living by calligraphy and making ink-slabs and he was an ardent art collector.

As leader of the Xi School, he mainly followed the style of Cheng Sui and was also influenced by the style of Wang Guan. His sons Ba Shuxuan and Ba Shugu, followed their father’s style of Qin and Han seals. It was very rare in seal making history that father, sons, and nephew (Hu Tang) were all seal carvers and all attained a high level of craftsmanship. He compiled his seals into the book Carved Reproductions of Si Xiang Studio. He is considered one of the “Four scholars of the Xi School.”

  • Pinyin: Bā Wèizŭ
  • Wade-Giles: Pa Wei-tsu
  • Also known as: (Hsi-t’ang); Juantang; Lianfang; Yuji (Yü-chi); Zi’an
  • Affiliation: Hui School, She County School, Xi School

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