China Academy of Art

The China Academy of Art was founded in 1928 as the first modern art academy in China. As the foremost art school in mainland China the university now offers undergraduate and graduate classes in the fine arts, design, architecture, multimedia, and film up to the doctoral level at three campuses. It has undergone several name changes:

  • 1928 – National Academy of Art (國立藝術院)
  • 1929 – National Hangzhou School of Art (國立杭州藝術專科學校)
  • 1938 – National School of Art (國立藝術專科學校)
  • 1950 – East China Campus of Central Academy of Fine Arts (中央美術學院華東分院)
  • 1958 – Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (浙江美術學院)
  • 1993 – China Academy of Art (中國美術學院)
The School of International Education, first opened in 1980, is located at the main Nanshan campus on the shores of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Both short-term and degree courses are offered in calligraphy, painting, seal carving and in Chinese culture and language. International students are housed in their own dormitory on campus in the heart of Hangzhou’s historic art district. Numerous galleries, museums, art bookstores, and art supply stores—including a seal stone market—are within easy walking distance. The Xilingyinshe Seal Society (西泠印社) and adjoining China Seal Museum (中国印学博物馆) are directly across the lake from the University.
For more information visit the China Academy of Art website or their page at Wikipedia.

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