Ding Ren

Ding Ren (1879-1949) 丁仁 was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. He was famous for the huge collection of books in his home. Among his collections, he had numerous seals made by the Eight Masters of Xiling. He was good at writing and painting. His favorite hobby was seal collecting. He imitated the style of the Zhe school when carving seals. He also created a unique character mold with his brother for the use of typesetting. One of the founders, along with Wang Ti, Wu Yin, and Ye Ming, of the Xiling Seal Society in Hanghzou in 1904.

  • Pinyin: Dīng Rén
  • Wade-Giles: [Ding Jen]
  • Affiliation: Zhe School

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