Gao Fenghan

Gao Fenghan (1683-1749) 高鳳翰 …
“was born in Shandong to a minor bureaucrat. He was a painter, poet, and seal-carver, and he later became associated with the Yangzhou school of painters. These painters were known as eccentrics for their unorthodox style and preference for individualism. Gao Fenghan is not usually considered one of the eight Yangzhou eccentrics, but is associational. Like his father, he served a minor post in the bureaucracy, but this did not occur until 1739. In 1736, this job led to his imprisonment. The following year, injuries during his time in prison combined with arthritis disabled his right hand. After that he painted with his left. These paintings have since gained some renown among Chinese art collectors.” [Wikipedia]
He was a collector of inkstones, owning over a thousand.

From: Lai, T.C. Chinese seals. Hong Kong: Kelly & Walsh, 1976. (p.27)

“Kao Feng-han one of the ‘eight eccentric painters” of Yang-chou was stricken with paralysis of the right arm. One evening, he dreamt that Szuma Hsiang-ju visited him. A few days later he bought a jade seal engraved with that famous name. It was a beautiful seal, and he loved it so much that he always had it with him. At a dinner party, a high ranking mandarin Hu Ya-yu, asked Kao if he might look at the seal. Kao with great respect said in a very serious tone: ‘All the things that I have can be shared with friends except two: this seal and my wife.'”

  • Pinyin: Gāo Fènghàn
  • Wade-Giles: Kao Feng-han
Painting by Gao Fenghan, Museum of East Asian Art, Dahlem, Germany

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