He Zhen

He Zhen (c1530-1606) 何震 was born in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province but lived many years in Nanjing. A student and friend of Wen Peng, whose style he at first followed. They collaborated in carving several decades worth of seals; Wen would write the seal characters and He Zhen was responsible for carving those seals.

Later, he imitated the styles of Qin and Han seals and then created a whole new style of seal engraving. He is considered the precursor of the Anhui school of seal-engraving after he moved to Anhui. His followers included Liang Zhi, Hu Zhengyan, Wu Zhangyang, Wu Kaoshu, Jin Guangxian, Wu Zhong, Wu Jiong, Cheng Yuan, and Cheng Pu.

His style is also called the “Xinyuan Style.”

  • Pinyin: Hé Zhèn
  • Wade-Giles: Ho Chen
  • Also known as: Changqing; Xueyu; Zhuchen
  • Affiliation: Hui School

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