Huang Yi

Huang Yi 黃易 (1744-1802) was born in Hangzhou and was famous for his filial devotion to his parents. He was once a local official in the Yanzhou government. He was a well-known calligrapher, poet, painter, and researcher on calligraphy rubbings during the reign of the Emperor Qianlong. He collected many calligraphic rubbings and published a book recording his search of calligraphic rubbings augmented with his own drawings. His seal carving friends included Yuan Yuan, Weng Fanggang, and Wang Yong. As a pupil of Ding Jing, he learned the techniques of seal carving and it was said he exceeded the achievements of Ding Jing. Since he and Ding Jing were both famous for seal studies and seal carving, they received a combined name “Ding Huang.” Another feature of Huang Yi’s seals was his side notes which were gracefully carved in clerical or regular scripts.

In the art of calligraphy, he was good at the standard style of calligraphy. He also followed the styles of Dong Yuan and Yun Shouping in painting landscape and flowers.

Huang Yi was known as one of the “first four scholars” of the Xiling School and one of the “eight masters of Xiling.”

  • Pinyin: Huáng Yì
  • Wade-Giles: Huang I
  • Also known as: Da Yi; Qiu An; Xiao Song
  • Affiliation: Xileng/Zhejiang School

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