Seal Ink Container Size

For your studio be generous in the size of your seal ink container. A small size can only be used with a small seal, otherwise there’s a risk of hitting the seal on the rim of the container and damaging the stone. With a larger ink holder you don’t have to use a lot of seal ink if you roll it up into a ball (which you should). But when you roll the ink into a ball you’ll need a container with a fairly high lid. If the lid is too short you run the risk of getting ink on the inside of the lid when you put it back on. I recommend an ink container for your studio of at least five inches in diameter. If it doesn’t have ink in it already, for this size you’ll need to buy about three packets of seal ink.

A small container can hold only a small amount of ink while, on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to have a small amount of seal ink in a large container, with room to add more later.

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