Jiang Ren

Jiang Ren 蔣仁 (1743-1795) was born in Hangzhou. Originally named Tai but changed his name to Jiang Ren after a Han bronze seal “Jiang Ren.” Jiang had never been an official and was good at poetry, painting, calligraphy, bamboo carving, and landscape painting. His regular script was regarded as perhaps the finest of the time. In seal carving he followed the style of Ding Jing, but few of his works have survived. It is said he was both eccentric and unsociable.

Known as one of the “first four scholars” of the Xiling School and one of the “eight masters of Xiling.”

  • Pinyin: Jiăng Rén
  • Wade-Giles: Chiang Jen
  • Also known as: Jie Ping; Man of Mount Nuchuang; Shan Tang; “Recluse” Ji Luo
  • Affiliation: Xileng/Zhejiang School

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