Shen Shihe

Shen Shihe 沈世和 (Ming Dynasty) “was born in Chang-shu, Jiangshu Province, and lived in Suzhou. He was good at painting and seal engraving. He was not bound by the styles of seal engraving at that time. Instead, he followed the style of the Han Dynasty and then he created a new style of seal engraving. The arrangement of layout in his seals was changeful. His usage of blade is unique and his style of seal engraving was vigorous and crisp. He was a famous seal carver at that time. He also made friends with Wang Shih-shen, Hsu Qian-xue, and Wang Hong-xu.”

“Shen learned the carving technique of Wang Guan, with sharp strokes and strict composition.”

  • Pinyin: Shĕn Shìhé

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