Su Xuan

Su Xuan 蘇宣 (1553-c1626) was born in She County, Anhui Province. He was influenced by He Zhen. He wrote “Su’s Treatise on Seals.”

“Born in Shin-an. He loved reading and fencing when he was very young. Wen Peng taught him how to carve seals and he also appreciated those seals in the Chin and Han Dynasties from the collections of Gu Tsong-de and Xiang Yuan-bian. Su Xuan once took thousands of Han seals as examples to follow in ordert o improve his techniques of carving. His seals had a virogous style and were popular around China. He had a great influence on the seal carvers at that time. People called him a master of the Si- shui school.”

“Enjoyed a popularity equal to Wen and Ho. Influenced by Han Dynasty moulded seals.”

“Wen, He, and Su were the the leading seal makers during late Ming. Su was a native of Hexian County of Anhui. He once lec- tured children at Wen Peng’s home, which enabled him to learn from Wen directly. Su viewed the collections of Gu Congde of Shanghai and then formed his style based on Qin and Han seals. Su had his own unique style in the use of knife. Some of his works were in the script of the Warring States period.”

  • Pinyin: Sū Xuān
  • Wade-Giles: Su Hsüan
  • Also known as: Erxuan; Langgong; Sishui; Xiaomin
  • Affiliation: Anhui School

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