Wu Jin

Wu Jin 吳晋 (?-1684) was born in Putian, Fujian Province. “His studio was named I-yan-zhai. He was a pupil of Zhou Lianggong for at least twenty years. He was good at painting orchids and learned the skills of seal engraving in the Pu-ten School. Later, he appreciated the collections of Zhou Lianggong and other seal carvers. Though his style of seal engraving was similar to that of the masters of the Pu-ten School, his technique of seal engraving was much improved. He put much emphasis on the seal characters while carving seals.”

“Wu’s style followed a compact composition with a natural zhuan script. Because he was native of Putian, Fujian Province, he was regarded as an artist of Putian school by later generations.”

  • Pinyin: Wú Jìn
  • Affiliation: Putian School

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