Wu Xizai

Wu Xizai 吳熙載 (1799-1870) was born in Nanjing but moved to Yizheng, Jiangsu province with his parents. He was a painter, calligrapher, and seal carver. He was a student of the calligrapher Bao Shichen, “who in turn studied with Deng Shiru. According to Wu himself, he began to study Han seals at the age of fifteen; after fifteen years, he discovered the seal engraving of Deng Shiru and devoted himself to learning from Deng … His seals in white characters (baiwen) tended to follow the monumental style of Han-dynasty sinuous seal script. His red-character impression (zhuwen) seals, however, tended to emphasize the flavor of the pliant brush. In his knife techniques, he combined thin and thick strokes to achieve a more varied effect.” It’s said he carved more than ten thousand seals during his lifetime.

  • Pinyin: Wú Xīzài
  • Wade-Giles: Wu Hsi-tsai

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