Xi Gang

Xi Gang 奚岡 (1746-1803) was “born in Hsi county, Anhui Province, but lived in Hangzhou. He was so unsociable that he did not attend the imperial examina- tion and did not accept the official position for the rest of his life. He was very talented and proficient in poetry, calligraphy, and painting. People called Xi-Kang, Huang Yi, and Wu-lu, the Three masters in Zhe-Hsi. He was a scholar in the Lou-dong school. The style of his painting was so elegant and refined. He took the seals in the Chin and Han Dynasties as models to carve seals.”

His specialty was painting landscapes. His seal carving was similar to that of his teacher Ding Jing (丁敬), though somewhat cleaner and sharper, with whom he co-founded the Zhe School of carving. He was also talented in poetry, calligraphy, and painting. He is considered one of the “first four scholars” of the Xiling School and one of the “eight masters of Xiling.”

  • Pinyin: Xī Gāng
  • Wade-Giles: Hsi Kang
  • Also known as: Chunzhang (纯章); Hezhusheng (鹤注生); Luokan; Mengquan Waishi [Mangqian Waishi] (蒙泉 外史); Tiesheng (铁生)
  • Affiliation: Zhe School
A painting by Xi Gang.

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