Zhu Jian

Zhu Jian 朱簡 (1570-c1625) was born in Xiuning, Anhui Province and lived in Huangshan. “He loved traveling and was good at poetry. He dove into the study of the research of Chinese characters, and was proficient in ancient seal characters. His seal engraving was not bound by the styles which were popular at that period. His seal characters were full of interesting ideas and thoughts, just like the running style of calligraphy. He loved to use the cutting strokes to do seal engraving. His style of seal engraving showed ingenuity and original- ity. He also had some unique and useful opinions and understanding toward seal engraving. He published several books, such as, Yin-jin, The Introduction of seals, and so on.”

“Zhu adopted a free style, just opposite to Wang Guan’s, and used a new carving technique. He used zhuan seal script, but liked cao script more. In his works of imitations of ancient seals, he combined ancient traditional styles with his own, so he was regarded as a seal maker with a unique style in the late Ming. Zhu was also a noted scholar on seal history and lore. He started making comments on seals and their makers in his works Seal Products and Book of Seals – in which he listed over forty famous seal makers, and he was also highly regarded for his seal creations and scripts on seals.”

Zhu wrote “Seals Kept in the Jun Pavilion,” “Seal Works,” and “An Expertise on Seals.”

  • Pinyin: Zhū Jiăn
  • Also known as: Ji Cheng; Xiu Neng

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