Talking Seals

Close-up of calligraphy by Qi Baishi with signature and seals.

Yin/Yang Seals

If you have both a first and last name seals they will usually be opposites in that one will be yin (dark background) and one will be yang (light background).

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Painting by Bada Shanren.

Name Seal

The most common seal is a name seal, and the most common name seal contains both first and last names.

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More Than One

If you have both a first and a last name seal the one with your family name will usually go under the signature.

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What’s On a Seal?

Most seals have the name of the artist and are used along with a signature or in place of one, but seals can also include favorite phrases, poems, religious texts, pictures, or any combination of these.

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Name Seals

Name seals can have the family name only, the personal name by itself, both the first and last names together, an artistic name, or a name in combination with a phrase or picture.

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