My random notes on Chinese-style seal carving.

Talking Seals


One kind of decoration often seen on the sides of Chinese seals is a scratched design called sgraffito.

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I took a quick look today at the China-based website AliExpress to find seal tools or stones.

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Collecting Famous Seals

Occasionally a seal stone will turn up with the signature on the side of a famous Chinese seal carver. Seals cut by Qi Baishi (1864-1957)

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China Academy of Art

Day 1: China

Seal School: Day 1 Tuesday 1 November 2011 China I woke up this morning on a Monday and now, as the sun is going down,

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Four character seal

Where Does It Start?

Chinese is traditionally written from top to bottom in columns that are read from right to left, in other words beginning in the top right corner and continuing to the bottom left corner.

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A painting by Huang Binhong.

Corner Seals

Bottom corner seals (In Chinese yajiaozhang 押角章) are just as the name implies—seals placed to mark the corners of the finished artwork.

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