Chen Hongshou

Chen Hongshou (1768–1822) 陳鴻壽, was born in Hangzhou and a local official in the Hui’an government. [Not to be confused with Chen Hongshou (1598–1652), 陳洪綬 a painter of the late Ming dynasty.]

He was good at all styles of painting and calligraphy, especially for his clerical style. He imitated the styles of Ding Jing and Huang Yi in carving seals. Known as both one of the “later four scholars” of the Xiling School and as one of the “eight scholars of Xiling.”

  • Pinyin: Chén Hóngshòu
  • Wade-Giles: Ch’en Hung-shou
  • Also known as: Mansheng; Zigong
  • Affiliation: Xiling/Zhejiang School

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