Sunday 13 November 2011

7:00 AM – breakfast in dining hall:

  • congee
  • pickled green beans
  • flat crepe of potato flour? and egg?

Zhejiang Art Museum

8:00 AM – I walk to the Zhejiang Art Museum to see an exhibition of modern Chinese painting.

11:17 AM – I buy four books on seal carving from the museum bookstore ($47.41). Downstairs and across the courtyard is the Zhejiang Art Museum “Professional” Art Supply Store where I buy, for a total of $33.93:

  • small old fashioned round seal vise [110 RMB]
  • round slate ink stone/ink container with lid ($3.77)
  • complete, though medium quality, set of seal knives in a brocade box ($12.57)

I walk back to the college with my arms full.

12:00 PM – I buy my lunch from the French bakery across the street from school ($5.81):

  • croissant (excellent)
  • egg tart (much better than Portland’s)
  • mini-loaf

3:30 PM – I walk to the Carrefour department store to buy ($37.42):

  • extension cord for my desk lamp in the classroom
  • Head & Shoulders shampoo
  • Johnson’s baby soap
  • notepad
  • porcelain bowl “Love Apple”
  • porcelain cup “I Love Son”
  • black sweatshirt for the approaching colder weather
  • two long-sleeve t-shirts

I have dinner in the other dining hall and order from the menu [10 RMB], and eat with Ruiz from Columbia and Bu[?] from Korea:

  • green peppers, onion, carrots, and pork over rice

It is sunny and warm all day but with a hazy afternoon.