Monday 14 November 2011

7:00 AM – I have breakfast in the dining hall:

  • congee
  • pickled radish or turnip?
  • sesame coated round fritter

8:30 AM – In class I practice carving side inscriptions.

12:30 PM – 032 After class I walk to Hefang Street and the Rongbaozhai art book store for a book on the seal script calligraphy of Wu Rangzhi recommended by Mo ($4.43). On the next street I find the Hong Kong Cuisine restaurant so go in for a dim sum lunch ($5.70) of sticky rice cooked in a lotus leaf, three baked BBQ pork sticks, and three sweet coconut cubes on a plate. After lunch I walk to the stone market to buy six practice stones at $4.71 each.

4:14 PM – 111 While exploring the streets of Hangzhou I come across a large multi-level bookstore so I go in to look around and buy an English-language guidebook to Hangzhou for $12.65.

I walk back along the lakeside and enjoy the sunset and the fountains. I meet two men from Angola.

I have dinner in the dining hall:

  • lotus root with green peppers
  • water chestnuts with chicken and green peppers
  • potatoes, pork, and green pappers
  • rice

I spend the evening in the classroom practicing.

It is hazy all day and a bit chilly. I wear my new sweatshirt over one of the new long-sleeve t-shirts and am just comfortable.