Tuesday 15 November 2011

7:00 AM – I have breakfast in the dining hall:

  • congee
  • sticky deep-fried rice ball covered in sesame seeds with some sort of  sweet syrup in the middle
  • flat rice cake deep-fried?, also made with sticky rice but orange color inside (yams?)

8:30 AM – In class I practice drawing straight lines with a brush and ink on paper and then do seal script calligraphy. Right after class I go to the window to put more money on my cafeteria card ($4.71).

12:30 PM – I have lunch in the dining hall. They have stewed duck heads in a large tray but I don’t try them—I’m not sure how I would eat them. Use the bill as a handle and suck the contents out from the other side? I didn’t see anyone else eating them so I can’t get an answer that way.

  • potatoes, onions, reen peppers, prork?
  • rice
  • napa cabbage?

In the early afternoon I walk to the art market to buy practice paper for calligraphy, as recommended by Mo. I buy a large roll of paper for $15.85.

1:40 PM – I go to the bank to withdraw some cash then spend the late afternoon in the classroom practicing.

5:00 PM – I have dinner at a nearby Korean Restaurant with classmates Miki; her friend “Tiger;” Tomomi, also from Japan; Kate from Russia; and Ansu, a woman from Korea. We have food, recommended by Ansu, and everyone shares a few beers and, in the Japanese tradition, everyone pours for everyone else. My share is $6.73.

I go back to the classroom in the evening to practice until 10:30 PM.

It is hazy all day.