Deng Erya

Deng Erya (1884-1954) 鄧爾雅 was born in Jiang-chi though his ancestral home was Guandong. He studied in Japan and then lived in Guangzhou after his return to China. In later years he lived in Hong Kong. He loved collecting and was good at the study of bronze and stone inscriptions. He also showed his talent in poetry and painting. When carving seals, he followed the style of Huang Shiling and he arranged different types of characters from several dynasties within his square design. He was said to be a follower of the Yishan school. He worked with Huang Banruo and Pan Dawei in 1926 to found the Hong Kong branch of the Guangdong Association for the Study of Chinese Paintings.

  • Pinyin: Dèng Ěryă
  • Affiliation: Yishan School

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  1. I am writing simply to try to connect with anyone who have an interest in Deng Er-ya’s work as seal artist or calligrapher. I am Deng’s youngest son (born 1948), now living in the U.S.A. for almost half a century. I have been working as a (western) composer and symphony conductor for many decades. Unfortunately I do not possess any of my father’s seal works, only a couple of calligraphy on fans that he did for my mother, and a rare water-color painting of his.
    Jordan Cho-Tung Tang

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