Chen Yuzhong

Chen Yuzhong (1763-1806) 陳豫鍾 was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Proficient in seal carving, he also loved to collect ancient seals, paintings, and books and was good at the arts of calligraphy and painting. While carving seals, he imitated the style of Ding Jing and took the Qin/Han seals as models. Chen was known as one of the “later four scholars” of the Xiling School and one of the “eight masters of Xiling.”

  • Pinyin: Chén Yùzhōng
  • Wade-Giles: Ch’en Yü-chung
  • Also known as: Junyi, Qiutang
  • Affiliation: Xileng/Zhejiang School

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