Wang Qishu

Wang Qishu 汪啟淑 (1728-1799) was a Chinese art collector, seal carver, poet, and politician. A native of She County Huizhou, he was born into moderate wealth. Although he initially planned to take the Imperial examinations and become an official, he eventually went into the family business as a salt merchant. Despite this, his donations to the government’s coffers resulted in an official court position and he spent several years in Beijing in an administrative role.

His interest in seal carving led him to collect thousands of seals and imprints, and during the course of his life he published more than twenty books cataloguing his collection. Although he wrote poetry, Wang was never highly regarded as a writer by his contemporaries, who nevertheless admired him for his work as a collector. [excerpted from Wikipedia]

“Born in Xi county, Anhui province, but lived in Hung Chou. He was once a civil service official. He collected various sorts of books. Besides, the sum of the seals he collected were numerous. He was good at writing poetry and articles and he also dove into the study of seal characters. The arrangement of layout was carefully and neatly done, and the running scripts on the side colophons were so beautiful. He once carved scripts on a large bead. He also edited several books.”

  • Pinyin: Wāng Qĭshū

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