Zhao Shi

Zhao Shi 趙石 (1874-1933) “was born in Changshu, Jiangshu Province. He was a pupil to Lee-chung and Wu Chang-shuo. He loved poetry, and was good at flower and plant painting. His style of painting was similar to that of Lee Fu-tang. In calligraphy, he was proficient in running style and he followed the style of Yan Chen-ching. He also showed talent in seal engraving. He learned more from Wu Chang-shuo. He combined large seal script, small seal script, Han stele and Mueo-zhuan together as seal characters. His style was vigorous and simple. He soon developed his own style in the Yu-sang school.”

“He was one of the most important pupils of Wu Changshuo. The archaic and rustic beauty of his seal engravings was most likely derived from designs and inscriptions on sealing clays. He even called himself Guni, or Ancient Clays, and Nidaoren, or The Daoist of Clays.”

  • Pinyin: Zhaò Shí
  • Also known as: Guni (Ancient Clays); Nidaoren (The Daoist of Clays)
  • Affiliation: Yusang School

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