Zhao Shuru

Zhao Shuru 趙叔孺 (1874-1945). “He carefully studied the cast and engraved bronze seals of the Han dynasty, as well as inscriptions on ritual bronze vessels, mirrors, and even inscriptions on Buddhist sculpture. He incorporated his visual experience in his seal engraving, much as did Zhao Zhiqian, whom he admired. In contrast to the free and spontaneous style of Wu Changshuo, Zhao’s seal engraving can be characterized as careful and studied. In addition to Han-dynasty inscriptions, he studied bronze inscriptions of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, collected seals, and wrote two books on ancient seals. Both his red-character-impression seals and his seal-script calligraphy were inspired by the small seal script of the Qin dynasty. Other seals were inspired by the archaic seals of the Warring States period.”

  • Pinyin: Zhaò Shūrú
  • Also known as: Zhao Shigang 趙時棡
From the internet.
Seal script calligraphy by Zhao Shuru. (Sotheby's)

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