Zhao Zhichen

Zhao Zhichen 趙之琛 (1781-1852) was born in Hangzhou. “He was a pupil to Chen Yu-chong. He was good at painting. In his old age, because he believed in Buddhism, he started to paint statues of the Buddha. He also showed his talent in calligraphy. His style of seal engraving combined the merits of Huang Yi, Xi-Kang, and Chen Hong-shou. He was one of the Eight Masters of Xiling. His arrangement of layout was carefully done and the structure of seal characters was changeable and elegant. His usage of blade was vigorous.”

“A profilic engraver, it was said he made more than two-thousand seals during his lifetime and exerted considerable influence on practitioners of the art. His art combines the fine qualities of Ting Ching, Huang I, Ch’en Ju Chung, and Ch’en Hung Shou.”

“An apprentice of Chen Hongshou. He further developed Chen’s style of sharpness, and his style was described as ‘swallow’s tail and crane’s knee’ which indicated a rather fixed but elegant method. His effort further promoted Zhejiang style to extreme elegance and patterned forms, but with less simplicity.”

  • Pinyin: Zhaò Zhīchēn
  • Wade-Giles: Chao Chih Ch’en
  • Also known as: Cixian; Xianpu
  • Affiliation: Zhe School

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