Lin Gao

Lin Gao 林皋 (1657-1712) was a native of [Pu-ten], Fujian Province but lived in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, where he was influenced by the style of Wang Guan. “When he was young, he dove into the study of the seal script. At the age of sixteen, his seals earned great praise from seal carvers of the time. His seals put emphasis on technique. The layout of his seals were carefully and neatly arranged. The seal characters were in beautiful calligraphy. The usage of blade was unique. His style of seal engraving was quite new. People called him a master of the Lin school. He was also one of the masters of the Yangzhou school, with Wang-kuan and Shen Shi-ho.”

“Well-known for the seals carved for such distinguished painters as Yun Shao Ping, Wong Hui and Kao Szu-chi.”

  • Pinyin: Lín Gāo
  • Wade-Giles: Lin Kao
  • Also known as: Hetian
  • Affiliation: Fu Tien School

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